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Welcome to the New Orasi Blog!

As part of our recent web site renovation, we have decided to bring the blog back to our main web site. We’ve moved our most recent and popular posts to this page and will continue to add posts here. But don’t worry, you can still access and we’ll post a notice here before it’s retired in 2020.

Application Performance Management: Shift It Left for Better Results

Today, a new generation of tools — application performance management (APM) solutions— has emerged. And although running APM tools post-release still has benefits, many organizations have found that running APM in concert with performance testing enables test teams to find more defects, infrastructure weaknesses and other performance impediments before users do. It’s that simple.

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Cyberthreats Are Still on the Rise

Cyberthreats Are Still on the Rise, and Most Enterprises Are Overwhelmed

Almost across the board, research indicates that cyberthreats are still escalating—and the U.S. is the number one country targeted in cyberattacks1. Recent breaches that occurred through unexpected means, such as the theft of hoteliers’ customer loyalty-program records, underscore the seriousness of the threat — and the sophistication and wiliness of attackers.

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Spring 2019 DevOps Show

Spring 2019 DevOps Shows Proved Most Engaging Yet – And We’re Just Getting Started

The last year has been an exciting one for Orasi, as we developed and debuted a comprehensive palette of solutions and services around streamlining software delivery — and the DevOps pipeline in particular. This spring, we had the opportunity to share the many insights we gleaned during our research and exploration in this area, beginning with Micro Focus Universe in Vienna and culminating with the ADM Summit in Chicago.

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