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Orasi Software + Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Partner, Orasi has the certified experience to successfully deliver Google Cloud solutions to our customers and to offer expert guidance, services, and tools to accelerate delivery of quality, secure applications that drive business results.
Orasi implements and provides managed service DevOps solutions that drive faster, more predictable, and continuous delivery, all while improving quality.
Our dedicated team of Advanced Technology consultants have earned Google Cloud Provider (GCP) certifications and have:
Extensive knowledge of deployment and maintenance of Google Cloud solutions in customer environments.
Deep expertise in the design and architecture of GCP solutions for organizations migrating from on-premise data centers to the cloud.
Experience with the design and architecture of Infrastructure as Code solutions to create ephemeral environments that are integrated into CI/CD pipelines.


Google Cloud, together with Orasi’s strategic planning, implementation, and support services, puts best-in-class cloud automation in the hands of customers.

Rapid Assessment & Migration

Holistic technical migration program to empower your business to win the end-to-end modernization of mission critical workloads.
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Infrastructure Modernization

Consolidate your IT Infrastructure, improve agility, and run more affordably and flexibly.

DevOps Services

Implement DevOps processes on Google Cloud that automate and integrate your software delivery lifecycle.
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Application Modernization

Accelerate and scale your business innovation with hybrid or multi-cloud environments.


As a Google Cloud Partner, Orasi has certified teams, earned expertise, and achieved
specialization with the Google-validated skills to help you leverage large-scale, multi-cloud infrastructures.
Our Google certifications include:
Associate Cloud
Engineer Certification
Google Cloud
Sales Credentials
Professional Cloud
Architect Certification
Professional Cloud
DevOps Engineer Certification