Streamline Software Delivery with Orasi’s Global Delivery Services
Orasi’s Global Delivery Services offer a comprehensive and flexible approach to providing resources to meet your staffing needs. Leveraging a three-tier model that combines in-house, rural (on-shore in Greensboro, NC), and offshore capabilities, our global delivery model enables us to provide cost-effective solutions that meet your budget requirements. With Orasi’s Global Delivery Services, you can optimize your software delivery process, maximize efficiency, and meet your business objectives.

Why Orasi?

Trusted Industry Leader
Orasi is a recognized industry leader with a proven track record of delivering successful software projects through our global delivery model.
Expertise and Experience
With our extensive expertise in software development and project management, we have helped numerous organizations of all sizes achieve their software delivery goals.
Customized Solutions
We understand that each organization has unique requirements. Our global delivery services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and value.

Our Proven Delivery Process

Orasi follows a proven delivery process to ensure successful software delivery:
Assessment and Planning

1. Assessment and Planning

We conduct a thorough assessment of your project requirements and goals. Based on the assessment, we collaborate with your team to create a detailed delivery plan.
global-delivery-services-In-house Consultants

2. In-house Consultants

Our in-house consultants are responsible for project success and are the liaison to the customer’s leadership team, managing deliverables and bringing extensive expertise to your project.
global-delivery-services-Rural Consultants

3. Rural Consultants (On-shore in Greensboro, NC)

Our Greensboro-based team combines the benefits of proximity, cultural alignment, and cost-effectiveness. This allows us to provide on-shore services with a dedicated team that ensures effective communication and seamless integration with your organization.
global-delivery-services-Offshore Consultants

4. Offshore Consultants

Leveraging our offshore capabilities, we deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Our offshore team follows industry best practices, adheres to strict quality standards, and ensures timely delivery.
Collaboration and Communication

5. Collaboration and Communication

Throughout the engagement process, we maintain open and transparent communication channels to keep you informed of progress, address any concerns, and incorporate feedback.

Delivering Metrics Driven Outcomes

By partnering with Orasi for Global Delivery Services, you can expect the following outcomes:
Scalability and Cost-effectiveness
Scalability and Cost-effectiveness
Our three-tier model allows you to scale resources based on project requirements while optimizing costs.
High-Quality Deliverables


Our experienced teams follow rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that the services delivered meet your specifications and quality standards.

Timely Delivery


With our efficient Global Delivery model, we strive to deliver projects within agreed timelines, enabling you to meet your business objectives and stay ahead in the market.
Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexibility and

Our delivery model offers flexibility to accommodate changing project requirements, ensuring that the services delivered align with your evolving needs.

Successful Implementation for Top Organizations

Orasi’s Global Delivery Services have been successfully implemented by top organizations across various industries, including:

Technology Companies

Leading technology companies leverage our Global Delivery model to accelerate their software development cycles and stay ahead of the competition.

Finance and Banking

Banks and financial institutions trust us to deliver secure and reliable software solutions while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.


Healthcare organizations rely on our Global Delivery Services to develop and deploy critical applications that enhance patient care and improve operational efficiency.