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Orasi Software + Delphix

Orasi’s software quality offerings allow customers to optimize testing processes. Delphix DevOps Data Platform dramatically improves the quality of test environments by providing self-service access to full, realistic, and fresh test data, which helps customers catch errors earlier in test cycles.

In addition, Delphix increases data privacy and security by integrating data masking and obfuscation to eliminate sensitive customer information before it reaches test and development teams. The combination of Orasi and Delphix provides enterprises with transformative solutions for application testing, development, and delivery.


Orasi, alongside Delphix, helps customers achieve faster, more predictable, and higher quality software releases by providing automated, secure, continuous data to developers and testers in multiple environments.

Test Data Management Implementation

Orasi can implement the Delphix Data Platform solution and integrate it into a DevOps pipeline to enable faster, higher quality releases. The Delphix solution with API integrations allows you to automatically deliver data into development environments, perform data refreshes, data rewinds, and data version control.

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Test Data Automation

With the Delphix platform, you can generate production-like data for any of your non-Production environments for your applications across the multi-cloud: SaaS, private, and public clouds. The Test Data Management solution provides data masking to meet compliance and security requirements. By automating data across any application or cloud provider, it allows you to execute on complex integration testing.