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Orasi Software + HashiCorp

Orasi’s mission is to ensure confidence in the customer DevOps journey. In partnership with HashiCorp, we provide solutions and services that offer full lifecycle support and integration to accelerate delivery of transformative applications.
HashiCorp – the gold standard for multi-cloud infrastructure automation – is the go-to provider for cloud infrastructure automation in Orasi’s DevOps service engagements for customers leveraging large-scale, multi-cloud infrastructures.
Our DevOps engineers understand the differentiation between HashiCorp’s offerings of Open Source and Enterprise for private deployment and are skilled in working with HashiCorp’s entire line of products to architect the customer stack.


Orasi’s dedicated consultants provide industry-leading insights into elite continuous delivery solutions,
as well as leadership, coaching, and expertise to help customers optimize their investment in HashiCorp solutions.

Infrastructure Provisioning Automation

For enterprises, Orasi works to move them towards automation of infrastructure provisioning for on-premise or any cloud provider. Infrastructure and their policies are created as code to create a consistent and reliable configuration which can be shared, managed, and executed across the Enterprise.
With HashiCorp Terraform, provisioning and security can be automated based on infrastructure and policy as code, resulting in increased productivity, reduced risk, and reduced cost.
HashiCorp Products Used:
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Network Infrastructure Automation

We help enterprises move from traditional networking processes to the automation of key processes while allowing for scaling for on-premise and cloud ecosystems. Network Infrastructure Automation enables organizations to implement repeatable application deployment processes and automate their pipeline orchestration workflows. With HashiCorp Consul, network infrastructure automation can scale to existing resources, allows the organization to automate at the right pace, and provides a complete audit trail for compliance.
HashiCorp Products Used:

Secrets and Sensitive Data Management

Orasi assists enterprises to design and implement a secrets management solution for the creation, storage, and securing access to passwords, tokens, encryptions keys, and certificates. HashiCorp Vault helps reduce the risk of breaches and data exposure, increases security across clouds and applications, automates dynamic secrets delivery, and eliminates hard-coded credentials in favor of controlled access based on trusted identities.
HashiCorp Products Used:
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Our dedicated team of Advanced Technology consultants have achieved HashiCorp Vault and Terraform CHIP certifications
and have deep knowledge of deployment and maintenance of HashiCorp solutions in customer environments.
HashiCorp Terraform Certified
HashiCorp Vault Certified

Download the Orasi Certifications Datasheet below.