SupportWeb is the Orasi Support online portal for:
Creating new support tickets/cases with Orasi.
Updating existing tickets/cases with notes and files.
Viewing ticket/case status.
Notifying support engineers of ticket/case updates.
Uploading ticket/case supporting files like log files and screenshots.
Downloading the latest versions of your supported product software.
Downloading the latest supported product patches.
Viewing information about the latest versions of your supported products.

EyeOnTesting Community is a “Community” that has some unique features among forum and discussion board sites. is not a discussion board, it is a place for questions to be answered! is a site where detailed and specific questions about:
Software test management tools
Software test automation tools
Software load/performance testing tools
Application Security
DevOps Automation
Network Performance Monitoring
Value Stream Integration

Orasi System Information Utility

Orasi System Information (OSI) was developed to help automate some of the repetitive processes used in the troubleshooting and analysis of support cases. OSI quickly extracts data from a customer’s machines, then presents it in an efficient textual and HTML format. This enables effortless sharing among team members and Orasi support engineers. Utilize this tool to collect the necessary information required by the engineer handling your support case. Upon completion, please upload a copy of the to your support case. Upon our receipt of this data file, we will review the information and offer advice toward the resolution of your issues.