Strengthen Your Software's Defenses with
Orasi's Application Security Solutions

Orasi’s comprehensive application security solutions provide robust protection for your software applications, safeguarding them against ever-evolving cyber threats. With our expertise in security testing and vulnerability management, we help you identify and address vulnerabilities throughout your application’s lifecycle. Protect your valuable assets, maintain customer trust, and ensure regulatory compliance with Orasi’s industry-leading application security solutions.

SaltMiner is a complete Application Security Posture Management and reporting solution that provides full insight into enterprise-wide vulnerabilities with high level trending and executive dashboards that immediately convey your current state of risk, health, and compliance.


Why Orasi?

Expertise and
With our deep expertise in security testing and vulnerability management, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced professionals understand the complexities of application security and help you stay one step ahead of potential threats.
Trusted Industry
Orasi is a trusted industry leader in application security, delivering successful solutions to organizations of all sizes. We have a proven track record of helping businesses protect their applications from security breaches.
We understand that each organization has unique security requirements. Our application security solutions are customized to address your specific vulnerabilities, ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind.

Our Proven Delivery Process

Orasi follows a proven delivery process to ensure successful software delivery:
We conduct a thorough assessment of your software requirements and project goals. Based on the assessment, we collaborate with your team to create a detailed delivery plan.
application-security-Design and Planning
Design and Planning
Based on the assessment findings, we collaborate with your team to design a robust application security strategy. We create a tailored plan to mitigate vulnerabilities, ensuring that security measures are integrated seamlessly into your development process.
application-security-Testing and Vulnerability Management
Testing and
Vulnerability Management
Our experts conduct comprehensive security testing, employing industry-leading tools and methodologies to identify vulnerabilities and assess their severity. We provide actionable recommendations to remediate the identified risks effectively.
application-security-Secure Coding Practices
Secure Coding
We assist your development teams in adopting secure coding practices, promoting a proactive approach to application security. Our guidance helps eliminate common vulnerabilities and ensures that security is ingrained into your software development lifecycle.
application-security-Ongoing Monitoring and Response
Ongoing Monitoring and Response
We help you establish proactive monitoring systems to detect and respond to potential security incidents. Our experts provide continuous support, assisting in incident response, vulnerability patching, and security incident management.

Delivering Metrics Driven Outcomes

By partnering with Orasi for your application security needs,
you can expect the following outcomes:

application-security-Enhanced Application Protection

Application Protection

Our comprehensive security testing and vulnerability management strategies help identify and address potential risks, protecting your applications against cyber threats and unauthorized access.
application-security-Regulatory Compliance


We assist you in meeting industry-specific security standards and regulatory requirements. Our solutions help ensure that your applications adhere to relevant compliance frameworks, maintaining trust and avoiding penalties.
application-security-Reduced Security Risks

Security Risks

Through rigorous testing and vulnerability remediation, we help minimize security risks associated with your applications. Our proactive approach mitigates potential breaches, safeguarding your sensitive data and protecting your reputation.
application-security-Improved Incident Response

Incident Response

With our ongoing monitoring and incident response support, you can quickly identify and address security incidents, minimizing their impact on your business operations and customer trust.

Successful Implementation
for Top Organizations

Orasi's application security solutions have been successfully implemented
by leading organizations across various industries, including:


Prominent technology companies rely on our solutions to fortify their software applications against cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their data.

Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions trust us to provide robust security measures, protecting their financial systems, customer information, and transactional data.


Healthcare organizations leverage our solutions to secure their critical applications and comply with regulatory standards, safeguarding patient data and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.