Orasi Software + Harness

Orasi is a market leader in helping clients migrate applications to the cloud and leverage DevOps concepts to significantly improve their delivery time-to-market.

We provide the overall DevOps leadership to guide your team from code change to production, ensuring you achieve the return-on-investment value your business leaders desire. With Harness, Orasi can capitalize on existing client pipeline capabilities while providing a better foundation to scale complex deployment paths. Together, Orasi and Harness have simplified continuous delivery for enterprises everywhere.


Orasi and Harness are working together to empower developers to automate the deployment, verification, and rollback of code. Partnered with Harness, we can transform how your application pipelines can be delivered – at scale.

Next Generation CI/CD

With Harness and Orasi, make your software releases more efficient and reliable with Harness Continuous Delivery. Speed up delivery with control. Use fast app development, test environments, and feature flags for user testing in production. Progressive delivery, AI/ML verification, and policies as code ensure safe, confident frequent releases.

Harness Products Used:

Continuous Delivery & GitOps

Continuous Integration

Feature Flags

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Continuous Resilience

Powered by Harness and Orasi, run real-world, controlled experiments that will reveal your systems’ weaknesses to avoid disasters, improve customer experience, maintain competitive advantage, accelerate digital transformation, and boost developer experience. Collaborate across your teams to define SLOs and error budgets aligned to developer experience and business goals. Understand the impact of all production changes. Get complete visibility into errors. Find and fix issues in minutes with deep code level visibility and deep context that streamlines debugging and remediation efforts.

Harness Products Used:

Chaos Engineering

Service Reliability Management

Cost & Process Optimization

We help enterprises understand the hierarchical breakdown of cloud costs across their organization, automate cost optimization, and governance to save on your cloud bill. Drive data driven engineering, asses engineering team productivity, remove roadblocks, and understand investments to increase efficiency, improvw developer experience, and deliver better customer outcomes with Harness and Orasi.

Harness Products Used:

Cloud Cost Management

Software Engineering Insights

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