Continuous Testing: Helping QA Succeed in a DevOps World

By: Terry Brennan, Managing Director

The world that IT and QA live in is changing rapidly. Business pressures are accelerating expectations for how fast new features are released into production. Agile cycles are increasing our release frequency for delivering those features. DevOps is disrupting the entire pipeline and enabling organizations to truly differentiate themselves from the competition.

Often our testing practices are stuck at the end of the development cycle and short-changed due to time overruns earlier in the lifecycle. QA is getting stuck to right rather than shifting left. However, DevOps and continuous flow concepts are changing when, how, and how often testing can be done.

Continuous Testing enables a true “shift left” for testing elements and provides agility for how those testing elements are accomplished. Continuous Testing is central to achieving fast, predictable, quality DevOps and delivery. Continuous Testing helps you succeed in this new high-speed reality.

This is the first installment in a series on Continuous Testing. The series will explore Continuous Testing and the individual elements that make up our view of Continuous Testing. This post will give an overview of Continuous Testing.

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