Pipeline Integration – Bringing It All Together

By: Terry Brennan, Managing Director

In the previous article, we discussed the drivers of speed, cost, flexibility, and consistency increasing the importance of creating ephemeral environments by leveraging IAC, automation, and integration. In this article, we are going to focus on the pipeline integration element. We will discuss how integrating processes, automation, and environments into a well-orchestrated pipeline is important in the move towards Continuous Testing.

Connecting QA

QA is often disconnected from development and stuck right in the development process. This leads to QA time compression and testing gaps. Leveraging Continuous Testing concepts like shift left, automation, and ephemeral environments are a good start in moving QA in a continuous direction.

However, to bring it all together, we need to integrate and orchestrate the QA processes, automation, and environments into the DevOps pipeline and development workflow. Pipeline integration provides the necessary glue that brings the elements together to properly fit QA into the lifecycle and tool chain as well as connect traditional silos. Integrating the pipeline supports the move towards a Continuous Flow footing and maximizes the QA investment.

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