Shift Left: Is it ever too early to test?

By: Terry Brennan, Managing Director

In the previous article, we discussed Continuous Testing Test Automation including automation first mindset, the “right” automation, tooling, and architecture. In this article, we are going to focus on the “Shift Left” element of Continuous Testing.

Too often, QA organizations find themselves stuck right. Testing has traditionally been at the end of the development cycle and often short-changed on time due to time overruns earlier in the lifecycle. Even as agile has driven changes in the development lifecycle, testing is often still at the end and limited.

The increasing business pressure, more frequent agile cycles, and disruptive DevOps changes are creating even more pressure to find ways to increase speed while also increasing quality. This is hard to do if testing stays stuck right and in a limited capacity. Elite organizations are finding ways to shift left and moving testing up as early as possible. This shift left movement, teamed with automation, can help organizations achieve the speed and quality improvements they need. There are two key actions that are required to make shift left happen:

1)      Refactoring the testing process.

2)      Engraining quality throughout the lifecycle.

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