Performance Testing

Today’s applications must be able to scale to thousands or perhaps millions of users at a time. In a fast-paced Agile environment, it can be a challenge to fully performance test an application with every release. Yet even a small change in the application can have far-reaching consequences for performance, and automating is key.

Continuous Testing

A sound performance testing strategy can give you the confidence that your application will perform at scale.

Performance testing encompasses more than just virtual users; it also includes monitoring application performance across multiple, interrelated systems and ensuring network throughput. In an Agile environment, organizations must take into account not only their own application changes, but changes to related systems.

Orasi’s DevOps Delivery Services include performance testing as part of the delivery pipeline, bringing together both the technology and expertise to see you through any challenge.

Orasi has an extensive background in helping customers develop and deploy quality assurance environments that are robust, expandable, and customizable to the specific needs of an organization. And, we are on the leading edge of truly shifting performance left in the delivery cycle and executing in parallel with other test types.

Orasi’s team of experts will help you gain an accelerated return from your testing efforts by minimizing cost and risk while sustaining effective and efficient processes. Whether you’re just beginning your DevOps journey or you’re well on the path to full continuous test success, Orasi can help.

Orasi Can Help You Achieve App Performance Success.

From deploying the right automated solutions to helping you find and eliminate errors across interrelated systems, Orasi streamlines performance testing for Agile development.

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