Functional Testing

Functional testing has traditionally been applied at the end of a development cycle, prior to the release of an application. But with the advent of continuous delivery and Agile development, functional testing has undergone a shift to the left, forcing teams to incorporate critical components earlier in the process.

Continuous Testing

The more complex the application, the more important functional testing becomes.

As software products become more complex and the cost of software malfunctions grows, the need for effective and efficient functional testing rises to the top of the to-do list.

Users want their software to work and developers want to ensure that it will. Even in a continuous delivery cycle, it’s not a viable strategy to let errors slip through to be caught “next time.”

Through well-defined functional testing, quality assurance teams are able to confirm that the software is truly ready for release. Orasi offers a full suite of functional testing tools, coupled with experienced specialists, to help organizations manage testing throughout their development cycle. 

Shifting testing left, while a critical requirement in today’s Agile development environments, is not always easy to achieve. Whether you’ve got dedicated testers within your Agile development team or your developers are doing the testing, Orasi ensures they’ve got the tools they need to do the job right.

Ensure Functional Testing Success with Orasi.

Orasi helps clients determine what processes need to change and what technologies are required to achieve success. And our specialists can mentor teams for a smoother transition.

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