Challenged by Barriers to Efficient Software Delivery?

Let Orasi show you the way – from creating DevOps strategy to delivering complex pipeline solutions; tool integration to decision-critical analytics; continuous testing through application security – Orasi offers expert guidance, services and tools to accelerate delivery of quality, secure applications that drive business.


Fast. Predictable. Continuous. If that Doesn’t Describe Your DevOps Journey, Let Orasi Put You on the Right Path.

Agile has accelerated software delivery for development teams, but companies have not extended that maturity to their CI/CD pipelines to allow change to continuously flow to production. Orasi helps enterprises reframe their strategic outlook to get them where they want to go, with POC, onsite and rural delivery services.

Achieve Higher Levels of Predictability with Value Stream Integration

Bridge the gap between your people, processes and technology with our innovative, integration technology. The ConnectALL Integration Platform helps unify DevOps tools, giving teams the visibility they need for fast, efficient software delivery without overlapping tasks and frustrating version delays.

Value Stream Integration

AppSecurity Wedging Speed Bumps Into Your Software Delivery Cycle?

As iterative CD takes over, legacy app security is falling behind. Lengthy security checks kill schedules, frustrate engineers and tempt teams to bypass security reviews altogether to meet deadlines. Our integrated approach to AppSecurity works with your team and doesn’t slow you down.

Ready to Refactor Testing Into the Continuous Flow of DevOps? Shift Every Testing Function Left and Automate.

Shift Left

Today’s best teams test at every stage of their delivery pipeline, proactively searching for quality and security issues versus reacting to defects late in the process. Let Orasi show you how. With nearly two decades of testing experience, no one understands ‘shift left’ better.

Drowning in Data? Start Swimming in the Fast Lane.

From customer loyalty data to system and application monitoring metrics and more, Orasi’s data authorities help you make a splash with every byte. We enhance your data with external market intelligence, providing deeper insights, faster, clearing your path to decision making.

Data Analytics