Webinar Archive | APM for Performance Testers Webinar & Dynatrace Demo


Stop working on the issue your team is trying to fix.
This two-minute read can make your life easier.

We’re committed to helping you minimize performance testing headaches. How? By pairing performance testing with application performance management (APM).

To help you explore the synergy between these two performance-boosting activities, we hosted a no-obligation demo of a top APM solution — Dynatrace. It’s one of Gartner’s two top picks in the APM marketplace.*

Still on the fence? Consider this. Your competition is already using this approach.

They’re the firms you are reading about; the ones who are rooting out defects, infrastructure weaknesses, and system bottlenecks more quickly — and releasing high-quality code faster and at a lower TCO.

Who wouldn’t want that?

*In case you’re wondering, we also offered a demo of the other Gartner top pick — AppDynamics. Why not watch that one too?