Webinar Archive | Continuous Testing: Keeping QA Relevant in the DevOps Journey

Learn how to integrate quality assurance in a DevOps world
January 15, 1:00-1:45 PM EST

DevOps holds the promise of accelerated release cycles, collaborative change, and quality at speed. Yet when processes are reinvented, and new techniques like automation are attempted, quality assurance can be left behind. One proven method for putting quality back into the front seat is Continuous Testing.

If the answer to any of the questions below is YES, you need this webinar!

  • Is the complexity of your testing efforts overwhelming your software teams?
  • Are you still relying on any manual testing?
  • Are processes and people struggling to “speed up” infrequent release cycles?
  • Is QA becoming a constraint to new DevOps processes and faster releases?
  • Is your QA organization “stuck right” rather than “shifting left”?

In this information-packed webinar, we’ll explore:

  1. The vital role of continuous testing in reinforcing the value of QA and testing in the DevOps world.
  2. How continuous testing will facilitate unified collaboration among stakeholders in your DevOps organization.
  3. The importance of continuous testing in achieving synergy between development and testing.

Watch the webinar now and take an important first step in the new year to overcoming QA barriers!

Speakers: Terry Brennan and Richard White

As experienced IT thought leaders, Brennan and White have a laser focus on building and integrating DevOps solutions such as continuous testing to effectively, efficiently deliver business value. Working closely with Orasi clients, they mentor business leaders to develop strategic technology vision, navigate complex transformation, and provide leadership for critical DevOps initiatives. This results in accelerated agile delivery, improved DevOps pipeline efficiency, and operational excellence to drive DevOps ROI.