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Performance Testing Alone No Longer Ensures Stellar App PerformanceFix the Problem…Get Finance and the C-Suite off Your Back.

Your project goals aren’t flexible, and they certainly don’t include poor application performance or mad users ranting on social media. Yet, it happens. So who’s to blame?

The culprit isn’t project managers or testers. It’s a deficient feedback loop.
Watch the product demo to learn how you can resolve the issue, stat!

Ensuring top performance in modern applications requires proactive application performance management (APM) — not just in production but also during the testing cycle. To help you sell decision makers on the payback of (APM) in conjunction with performance testing, join our upcoming demo. In this webinar, we’ll showcase AppDynamics, a powerful APM solution that is one of Gartner’s two top picks in APM marketplace.*

Give us an hour, and we can simplify your life and help keep picky users thrilled with your apps.

*In case you’re wondering, we also offered a demo of the other Gartner top pick — Dynatrace. Why not watch that one too?