Orasi Software and Saltworks Security Enter into Partnership with Open Source Security Leader Sonatype

Partnering with Sonatype enables Orasi and Saltworks to help their customers achieve true DevSecOps, even when incorporating open source code

ATLANTA – July 17, 2019 – Orasi Software, a DevOps technology and consulting firm that ensures confident delivery of transformative applications that grow and simplify business, today announced that Orasi and Saltworks Security, an Orasi Company, have entered into a cooperative partnership with Sonatype, an innovator in open source code governance.

SonatypeFor the partnership, Orasi and Saltworks will promote Sonatype’s open source governance platform, Nexus. By enabling developers to secure open source code and thereby incorporate it safely into their applications, Sonatype Nexus eliminates the friction associated with manual governance, accelerating innovation and enabling organizations to ship secure software, faster.

“In all modern programming languages, there has been a major shift to using open source libraries and components when building custom applications,” said Saltworks Security Founder Dennis Hurst. “Companies find themselves not only having to ensure the security of their custom code but also the security of the open source code they are incorporating. Sonatype provides an efficient mechanism for our customers to achieve both goals, and we are excited about this partnership.”

To surmount the challenge of securing open source code, Sonatype has integrated into its Nexus solution a machine learning engine (Nexus Intelligence) that has analyzed more than 20 million open source libraries. The company continuously feeds this intelligence to its customers so they can make better innovation decisions earlier and more comprehensively across the development lifecycle.

“Open source code provides application developers with greater flexibility in software development while reducing the expense of bringing new and updated applications to market,” said Orasi Software President and CEO Nick Kavadellas. “It is one of the many tools Orasi recommends to help enterprise customers increase application development efficiency while reducing risk.”

About Sonatype
More than 10 million software developers rely on Sonatype to innovate faster while mitigating security risks inherent in open source. Sonatype’s Nexus platform combines in-depth component intelligence with real-time remediation guidance to automate and scale open source governance across every stage of the modern DevOps pipeline. Sonatype is privately held with investments from TPG, Goldman Sachs, Accel Partners, and Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. Learn more at www.sonatype.com.

About Orasi
Orasi is a leading DevOps technology and consulting firm that ensures confident delivery of transformative applications that grow and simplify business. Our experts lead organizations through the complex DevOps Journey from start to finish, with strategic consulting, a spectrum of automation and integration tools — including Orasi’s ConnectALL — and security solutions that minimize application vulnerabilities and data exposure. We leverage enduring partnerships with the world’s most innovative technology firms including Chef, Datical, Delphix and Micro Focus, enabling offerings as unique as our clients. Our product lines and services connect Dev and Ops teams, streamline processes, optimize quality and efficiency, reduce the risk of software failure, and drive speed to delivery. For more information, visit https://www.orasi.com.

About Saltworks Security
Saltworks Security, an Orasi company, was created to empower businesses to design, build and operate secure software applications. Its approach focuses on helping businesses achieve more secure applications by working with their security and development teams to design application security programs, adopt technologies to support a mature application security program and operate the program over time, and implement encryption solutions to minimize the inherent risk of stored data. Saltworks Security partners with industry-leading providers to bring solutions to maturity as rapidly and cost-effectively as reasonably possible. For more information, visit www.saltworks.io.

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