The Future of Application Security

App security

By: Karl Rubin, COO Lessening the impact of security vulnerabilities in software applications is becoming an essential priority for organizations. Slow response time, complexity of new tools and technologies, and the rise of an ever smarter adversary creates a challenging climate for IT  providers and cybersecurity experts. What is Application Security?Application Security is like injecting […]

Benefits of Cloud-Native Applications for Business

cloud native

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing Many enterprises wish to tap the advantages that a cloud model offers. But most of them are struggling with legacy baggage. They try to bolt on monolithic applications to a cloud environment. But, these integrations can not match the innate flexibility and velocity of a cloud-native application. A […]

Top Container Monitoring Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Top container monitoring

By: Jim Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO Containers are the new pieces of modern IT estate. They are the building blocks of cloud-native applications. Containers are both cost-effective and easier to construct than virtual machines. They represent a new, better, and leaner world of micro-engineered IT. The container market is growing at a brisk pace.  […]