The Path to DevOps Success: Orasi Joins You Along the Route

Modern business leaders are faced with increasingly faster application delivery cycles at the same time that user expectations continue to evolve. Over the past decade, most IT organizations have invested significant time and money reorganizing their development teams, adopting new Agile-based processes, and leveraging tools they hoped would help meet the relentless goal of consistently delivering feature capabilities every few weeks (or less).


Unfortunately, the process of moving applications from development to production is long and complex.

Now, companies are realizing that Agile doesn’t deliver full value without its brother DevOps to get the changes truly over the finish line into Operations. The goal of DevOps is to get changes into production, or into the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable, predictable way.

DevOps processes today are still highly manual, teams are siloed, and a mind-boggling number of tools are involved in the solution. And, the cultural challenges involved in getting a company’s development, QA, infrastructure, security, operations and other groups to work together to achieve continuous flow of the pipeline is a transformational task!

Sound familiar? The good news is that leadership doesn’t need to backtrack or start over. Whether the firm is just beginning its journey to DevOps success or is somewhere along the route, Orasi’s DevOps Journey to Success program can help. Our consultants can join leadership and stakeholders at that point, ensuring their path is efficient and their journey is productive.

Orasi DevOps Service Offerings


Beginning with focused, GPS-like Strategic Roadmap Development, through Proof of Concept (POC) and DevOps Delivery Services to coach teams to success, Orasi’s comprehensive—and complementary—offerings help identify and resolve impediments to success, facilitate pipeline development and assure lasting value. Down the road, Orasi’s Rural Delivery Services make it affordable for software initiatives to ramp up for special projects or perform DevOps tool administration and maintenance without straining in-house resources.

Orasi's DevOps Services Guide You to Success

From strategy to delivery and every stage in between, Orasi’s DevOps team will make your journey more efficient and productive.

Orasi offers a full range of DevOps Services

Strategic Roadmap Development

Orasi’s GPS Strategy Services help organizations quickly locate and assess their progress to DevOps maturity, recalculate the path to meet continuous flow objectives, and navigate the organization and its teams around roadblocks and back on track.

DevOps Proof of Concept Services

Once a strategy is in place, companies should test drive the tools and processes planned for the DevOps CI/CD transformation to verify concepts and directions in a smaller-scoped setting, thereby reducing expense and solidifying leadership buy-in.

DevOps Delivery Services

Orasi offers cross-functional DevOps delivery teams to meet aggressive timeline expectations or drive critical projects to completion, as well as deeply experienced, veteran CI/CD specialists to mentor and coach client delivery teams on DevOps best practices.

DevOps Rural Delivery Services

When you don’t need the expertise or expense of highly skilled experts, Rural Delivery Services meet spikes in development demand, act as backup on special projects, and provide “watchdog” coverage when in-house teams are unavailable.

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