Orasi Software Quality Assurance Training

Effective education services for Micro Focus ALM, Micro Focus UFT, Micro Focus LoadRunner, Micro Focus StormRunner, Agile Software Development, Selenium, and more!

Why Orasi Training?

To keep pace with changes and improvements in technology, industry best practices, and the latest software, it is important that software testers continue to receive instruction throughout their careers. Orasi’s knowledge and vast experience is available to testers through process and product training classes. Training is more than learning which buttons to push. It’s about learning how to apply new processes and technologies within your organization and maximize your efforts.

Orasi University Learning Solutions

Orasi University is a fully integrated learning management system that provides access to a hands-on lab environments and all necessary training material to maximize learning. Our courses are live sessions, led by highly qualified instructors, delivered either on-site or remotely. For each class, Orasi sets up a virtual training environment that students access directly from a web browser. This enables all participants to enjoy an identical experience regardless of delivery method.

The available curriculum is always growing and changing with the flow of industry standards and changes in technology. Orasi offers a variety of product and process training classes to help unlock your team’s potential. Our course topics range from process-based courses, such as Agile Software Development and Writing Excellent Requirements, to tool-based courses like Selenium GUI Automation with Java.