Orasi 2023 Predictions: Expect the Unexpected in 2023 for DevSecOps and Virtual Application Training

Article published in VM Blog by Jim Azar, Orasi Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer.

The AppDev sector pendulum is swinging in a new direction. The momentum shift started before the pandemic and has taught us to expect the unexpected in just about everything we do – especially when it comes to software development and application training.

DevSecOps has proven to accelerate software application delivery and adoption through automation, but teams spent too much effort in 2022 trying to modernize processes. It caused them to lose sight of a simple truth: what works for one build may not work for another.

There are times and places where certain tools and methodologies should be used, but the one-size-fits-all approach watered down effectiveness to a tipping point. Development teams realized agility remains critical, but whether it’s woven into DevSecOps via Scrum or Shift Left tactics can depend on a variety of factors (time, resources, requirements, vertical industry, etc.). Whether they go back to the 15-minute daily standups or decide it’s better to virtually whiteboard things out to set direction, success will be achieved by staying flexible and making it OK to collaborate however the workforce you have works best.

Understanding and adapting to constant change is also a theme for the year ahead when looking at the rapid growth of cloud based, virtual software application training platforms. The move to LXPs that speed delivery, adoption and implementation eased integration with enterprise software systems, as well as gave instructors and learners a better means to put new skills to use and effectively track progress.

The virtual learning lab boom also drastically affected the way companies and workers evaluate whether or not travel is required for meetings, conferences, etc. While we’ve seen a slight upward trend in on-site events, the urgency to be anywhere in-person has decreased (rightfully so). The capabilities of virtual, hands-on software application training is now, literally, as easy as a switch flip that requires no hardware – just a browser for connectivity. Simplicity has completely changed the game not just for IT professionals, but for HR as well by lowering costs, risks and transition time.

As we move into 2023, the economy is slowing and hiring top talent is hard. Maintaining a positive culture that embraces change and unique abilities empowers employees and employers to maximize time and investments. Expect the unexpected and stay nimble to have the best chance to increase engagement, productivity and a competitive edge.

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