Accelerate Delivery of Software Application Training

Are you looking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your software application training? Do you need to drive additional revenue from training programs? Do you need to monitor student progress in a virtual setting, improve knowledge retention, and have learners practice real-world scenarios? OrasiLabs can help! This 20-minute webinar will explore how OrasiLabs brings a modern approach to software application training.

Cloud Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

By: Karen Spencer, Area Vice President, OrasiLabs Product Manager Bigger isn’t better when it comes to virtual training success Transitioning to the cloud can be complicated and adding virtual application training capabilities for a globally dispersed workforce can send any IT team into a tailspin. While it’s tempting to try and use an existing AWS, […]

DevSecOps and Virtual Training Platforms Top 2022 Software Agendas

Article published in VM Blog by Jim Azar, Orasi Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer. In 2022, the reasons why we’ve been thrust into an age of remote work, virtual training and hybrid cloud environments will be buried on page-two. Above the page-one fold will remain a shortlist of required factors that’ll ensure software development success: (1) […]

Orasi Adds New UI, Live Conferencing, Branding and More to OrasiLabs Training Platform

Ease of Use, Collaboration and Scalability Features Advance Virtual Training Options for Corporate Trainers, Software Vendors KENNESAW, GA — SEPT. 22, 2021 — Orasi, a DevSecOps innovator accelerating software application delivery and adoption through automation, announced its virtual training platform, OrasiLabs, has been greatly enhanced with new features and an easy-to-navigate user interface. In addition […]

Collaboration Tools Don’t Meet Modern Training Needs: Tips for Selecting an Online Learning Platform That Will

Article published in Training Industry Magazine by Karen Spencer, OrasiLabs Product Manager at Orasi Software. Before “COVID” became a household term, the projected estimated market value for online education technology by 2025 was $350 billion. A major portion of that growth was driven by language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools and online learning software. Then came the […]

Why Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Failed Virtual Training in 2020

Why zoom

By: Karen Spencer, Area Vice President, OrasiLabs Product Manager COVID-19’s social distancing and remote work mandates sped the increase of virtual training and development adoption. With no indication of a return to prior levels of traditional onsite learning, the market has exponentially grown for effective virtual application training tools. eLearning Evolves with the Times Various […]

Train Quickly or Lose Big: Virtual Platforms Are No Longer Optional

Article published in Association for Talent Development by David Hand, VP of DevOps Sales at Orasi Software. Pre-COVID-19, the global software product market was valued at close to $438 billion. The estimated market value for online education technology (by 2025) was roughly $350 billion. Fast forward to our current time in which virtual work is the […]

Training Tips to Make Virtual 2021 Sales Kickoffs a Success

Article published in Association for Talent Development (ATD) by Joe Schulz, VP Emerging Technology at Orasi Software. This year saw sales kickoffs move from convention centers to home offices and shift from conference tables to kitchen islads. The impact of this sudden change was felt across all sectors of industry, but as those in sales […]

Why Now is the Best Time to Train

Read the entire article here from ExecuNet.   People need new skills. People are ready to learn. If you do not continue training, your business may fall behind and lose your competitive advantage. At first, it may sound counter-intuitive. Businesses around the world are struggling to survive the pandemic. Cost-cutting exercises and rationalization efforts are […]