Internet Security is a blizzard without Zero Trust

Authored by: Joe Schulz, Orasi VP, Emerging Technology. App evolution as the ZTS catalyst and how to plow through 2023 With crazy weather hitting all parts of the US, it’s easy to correlate the disruption and fallout felt throughout communities to what internet security is like without Zero Trust Security (ZTS). Large-scale ransomware blizzard attacks […]

Automate Your Cloud Infrastructure with the HashiCorp Products

We’ll explore what “Infrastructure as Code” really means and how the HashiCorp products use this innovative approach to make cloud deployments predictable and secure. We’ll talk about each of the 4 stages of cloud deployment, including provisioning, securing, connecting, and running environments on demand and provide a short demonstration of this technology in action.

Best Practices for Successful DevOps Implementation


By: Karl Rubin, COO For a long time, software delivery and management have been tainted  by a state of constant conflict or lack of communication between two core teams – Dev and Ops. Removing these siloes can bring in unprecedented levels of efficiency, agility, speed, and quality. That’s what DevOps does. It allows seamless collaboration […]

Challenges and Best Practices of Hybrid Cloud Security


By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing Hybrid cloud is a special category of cloud that more businesses are adopting. It is an ideal model for enterprises that want to maintain on-premise ownership and want to leverage the scalability and flexibility and cost advantages of a public or private cloud. Enterprises have been adopting this […]

The DevSecOps realities app dev teams must accept

Article published in TechBeacon by Dennis Hurst, President and Founder of Saltworks Security – Orasi’s joint-venture. Application security is an essential component of your application development and secure DevOps practices. It involves assessing, monitoring, finding, fixing, and enhancing the overall security and integrity of applications and covers a range of technical elements (hardware, network misconfigurations, software flaws, consistent […]

Key Container Security Challenges and Best Practices

Security Challenges

By: Jim Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO The concept of storing discrete parts in well-labeled, and separate, containers have manifested its impact in a big way in the world of IT applications. Today, containers are the staple parts of any agile enterprise’s application development strategy. Now, developers can easily accomplish goals of faster delivery, agility, […]

What are some key Application Security pitfalls? How to avoid them?

Application Security

By: Jim Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO Applications are made to last, to deliver, and also to stay away from the bad guys. Security is an essential part of the success of any application. Application security is where applications are made as secure as possible. This process entails assessing, monitoring, finding, fixing, and enhancing the […]

Moving to DevSecOps? A Checklist to Follow


By: Jim Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO When was the last time you heard a developer mention the word ‘Waterfall’? Unless it was about a recent holiday picture on Instagram, then chances are, the word has almost vanished from developer conversations. It is easy to guess why. Agile software development approaches have replaced this word […]

DevOps Isn’t Novel but 5 Keys to How it Delivers Business Value And Is Making Waves

Article published in VMBlog by Nick Kavadellas, President and CEO at Orasi Software.    Unlike 2020, DevOps isn’t novel: it has been a part of the software delivery conversation for the past 10+ years. However, taking center stage more recently is integrating security (i.e. DevSecOps), ensuring continuous app delivery/performance, operating in hybrid environments, training teams amidst […]