Need to move to the cloud? Yeah, who doesn’t!

By: Joe Schulz, VP Emerging Technology DevSecOps, getting an application from development to operations in a secure manner, includes many tools and techniques that lean heavily on automation to achieve efficiency. Add in the challenge every company is facing – deciding on a platform to get infrastructure to the cloud so applications can be delivered […]

Eliminate Bottlenecks in Software Delivery

Eliminate Bottlenecks - Orasi

If you’re like most enterprises, your DevOps teams are still performing manual work when it comes to test data delivery and managing database schema changes. Bogged down by these inefficient and error-prone legacy processes, release cycle times remain painfully slow even though the rest of your CI/CD toolchain is automated. We hear you.

How Can a DevSecOps Approach Enable Cloud Migration to Transform an Organization?

Devsecops approach

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing Cloud has become a formidable force for enterprises across all verticals. It is no longer a technology choice that only some businesses use for cost or elasticity advantages. It’s becoming a fundamental shift for almost every business because of its multiple benefits. Moving to the cloud helps businesses: […]