Why We Must Shift APM Left in The DevOps Cycle?

Security Challenges

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing Better proactivity and real agility – these are just a few advantages to start with – the ultimate potential is quite vast. DevOps is a paradigm shift in the software landscape. It has redefined how we design software, look at it, and build it. Bringing development and operations […]

Application Performance Management: Apps with an Edge

Application Performance Management

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing You don’t often forget a vehicle once it comes out of the factory-garage. With a new car, you tend to continuously check for any cracks, imperfections, or hiccups, to keep it running the way it’s supposed to.   That is the critical role that APM or Application Performance Management […]

Orasi Software Expands Mobile Testing Product Line

Orasi has expanded and enhanced its mobile testing offerings to cover an entire spectrum of solutions, providing its customers with a “One Stop Shop” that helps them build excellence into every mobile app or site they develop.