Test Automation – Faster and Better

By: Terry Brennan, Managing Director In the previous article, we introduced Continuous Testing including drivers, QA challenges, and the nine key elements that make up Continuous Testing. In this article, we are going to focus on the Test Automation element. Increasing business pressure, more frequent agile cycles, and disruptive DevOps changes are significantly impacting the […]

Orasi, Login VSI Partner to Expand AppDev Testing, Monitoring for Customers

DevSecOps innovator, digital workspace reliability platform provider advance automation and security in evaluation, pre-production and production environments KENNESAW, GA — May 26, 2022 — Orasi, a DevSecOps innovator accelerating software application and cloud infrastructure delivery and adoption through automation, announced a partnership Login VSI, the company with the first digital workspace reliability platform, to provide […]

DevOps Maturity Model: What You Need to Know

DevOps Maturity Model

By: Karl Rubin, COO Every strong building is mapped out first on a blueprint before meeting concrete and cement. Similarly in DevOps, the foundation needs to be strong and resilient, as agility and rapid delivery are the essential elements of the DevOps paradigm. The blueprint that can help, then, is a maturity model. A DevOps […]

Best Practices for Data Management Using DataOps

DataOps Best Practices

By: Jim Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO For enterprises to achieve DataOps, both elements – Data and Ops – need to align in the right spot. At a fundamental level, DataOps brings forth technical practices, workflows, cultural mindset, and architecture parts so that enterprises can aim for rapid innovation and higher application velocity. This enables […]

Essential Elements of Modern Application Development

App Dev

By: Karl Rubin, COO Much has changed between the applications of yesterday and the ones we build and use today. If earlier applications were monolithic, had long development cycles, and maintenance-intensive, today’s applications are built on an agile framework, interactive, and easy to modify. An agile framework is a fundamental need for enterprises because they […]

5 Top Benefits of DevOps for CIOs

Devops for CIOs

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing A lot of traditional IT was monolithic, reactive, and siloed. Applications had a long-drawn cycle. They were made in isolated phases by insular teams. The time between user-requirement gathering to actual roll-out was so stretched out that most requirements had lost their urgency and relevance by the time […]

[Panel] What Does DevOps Mean to the Business in 2020?


The role of the IT department has changed in recent years and is more aligned with the business than ever. In 2020, as DevOps matures, what does this mean for the role of DevOps and Agile in delivering business outcomes? Join this panel as DevOps experts explore what opportunities – and challenges – DevOps and Agile can create for the business.

Development Practices that Break Applications and Steps to can take

As most organizational leaders recognize at some level, the increasing dominance of web and mobile applications has completely turned the software world on its ear. The number of critical business functions that are processed via a browser or mobile device is escalating, and inaccurate results, aberrant behaviors, and security flaws can all be absurdly costly.