The mobile market is hotter than ever, with more than four billion people worldwide owning a cell phone or other mobile device. That number continues to rise, and responsiveness to the mobile market has become mission-critical for companies that wish to remain competitive. But it’s not enough to simply offer a mobile app; customers demand apps that are secure, usable, and robust.

Continuous Testing

Testing initiatives for mobile applications, especially in a DevOps cycle, introduce new layers of complexity.

Mobile applications must operate not only on a host of different devices and operating systems, but in a variety of networks as well. These varying combinations can greatly affect performance and functionality, especially when they are also changing at an accelerated pace.

Orasi is a recognized leader in the mobile application testing space and can jump-start your mobile testing initiatives. Orasi supplies true “end-to-end” service offerings for your DevOps journey. We help with strategy assessment, technology selection, process integration, and staff enablement. Our specialists are skilled in modern continuous mobility practices, so we can get you where you want to be, no matter where you are on that journey.

Companies that ignore the mobile market do so at their own risk. Consumers today access everything from email to their bank accounts via mobile devices, and that trend is continuing at an ever-increasing pace. Competing effectively means ensuring that your teams have the right processes and technologies in place to implement mobile initiatives in any development environment.

Orasi Can Help You Be More Mobile.

From assessing your current processes and strategies to selecting the right technologies, Orasi’s Mobile offerings are designed to get you up and running quickly, so you can compete at the speed of mobile.

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