Expedite Application Release and Reduce Failure in Production with Orasi

Acting as a conduit for performance testing data to aggregate with transaction data, OPTIC effectively creates a common analysis platform for developers, QA and operations. The result is improved collaboration and speedier turnaround time during performance troubleshooting and solution optimization.

Orasi to Exhibit and Speak at QUEST 2015

“This conference affords us a great opportunity to showcase our expertise in software quality assurance and to reconnect with many of the customers we have helped over the years,” said Nick Kavadellas, president and CEO of Orasi Software. “We invite everyone attending Quest 2015 to stop by our booth and explore the innovations that companies are leveraging to improve quality, reduce risk and speed software products to market.”

Orasi Software Expands Its Software Testing Toolkit

With the addition of the upcoming Orasi Performance Test Intelligence Connector, Orasi will offer seven products targeted to supporting or enhancing test automation, team communication, reporting and process validation, and other important facets of software development.