Orasi Announces New Public Training Classes to Promote Software Excellence

KENNESAW, GA – February 19, 2015 – Orasi Software, an Atlanta-based quality assurance software reseller and professional services company, today announced the launch of a new public training series focused on increasing excellence in software development and testing. The program will kick off with two classes in Atlanta and may expand to other cities in the future.

  • On March 9-10, 2015, Orasi will host Writing Excellent Requirements, a two-day, tool-independent course centered around the development and maintenance of excellent software requirements as a component of software quality management. Writing Excellent Requirements will also cover leveraging baselined requirements for effective test case planning, design and development.
  • On March 11-12, 2015, Orasi will debut Implementing Better Testing Practices, a two-day immersion in the proper use of testing methods, tools and techniques. Incorporating a balance of lecture and hands-on exercises, Implementing Better Testing Practices will introduce attendees to an accelerated, cost-effective approach to achieving better testing outcomes.

“Our customers’ technical staff and other software professionals have asked Orasi for a public training program, and these two classes represent our initial response to that call,” said Nick Kavadellas, President and CEO of Orasi Software. “Helping all companies achieve the highest possible software quality and testing excellence has always been Orasi’s primary goal. We are delighted to bring this information to a public forum.”

To register for one or both of these classes, participants should sign up online. Those who wish to inquire about on-site training for large groups should email training@orasi.com or call 678-819-5300.

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