Accelerate Your Decision Making Process with Data Analytics

Data Analytics

By: Jim Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO “Shooting in the dark” may be a phrase that best describes what many business decision-makers go through when they make decisions without data by their side. Data is the catalyst for a strategic edge in today’s corporate world. It is crucial to position data as a strength rather […]

Orasi Adds New UI, Live Conferencing, Branding and More to OrasiLabs Training Platform

Ease of Use, Collaboration and Scalability Features Advance Virtual Training Options for Corporate Trainers, Software Vendors KENNESAW, GA — SEPT. 22, 2021 — Orasi, a DevSecOps innovator accelerating software application delivery and adoption through automation, announced its virtual training platform, OrasiLabs, has been greatly enhanced with new features and an easy-to-navigate user interface. In addition […]

The Role of Continuous Testing in DevOps


By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing In life, as in application environments, one is not expected to ‘never fail’. What works is the ability to fail fast and to bounce back swiftly. So, a boxed approach of testing that happens towards the far end of an application cycle will not be of much help. […]

The Future of Application Security

App security

By: Karl Rubin, COO Lessening the impact of security vulnerabilities in software applications is becoming an essential priority for organizations. Slow response time, complexity of new tools and technologies, and the rise of an ever smarter adversary creates a challenging climate for IT  providers and cybersecurity experts. What is Application Security?Application Security is like injecting […]

Integrate Security into the Entire DevOps Process

Podcast Todd

Todd Williams, an Orasi Account Executive speaks with Chuck Harold on why “DevSecOps” is becoming more prevalent and what it really means. Todd also discusses why application testing and performance monitoring are critical parts of a DevSecOps infrastructure.

NextGen DevOps: The Evolving DevOps Journey

NextGen DevOps

DevOps is quickly becoming a key to IT and business success. The rapid pace of business change requires more nimble, flexible, and lean approaches like DevOps to meet tomorrow demands. DevOps has evolved through multiple generations and is pushing towards Continuous Flow requiring technical, process, and people evolution to keep pace.

Container Ecosystem: Leveraging Kubernetes and Containers & Up your DevOps Game

containers devops

The evolution of the cloud and need for business agility are driving organizations to investigate how to leverage the container ecosystem to meet new demands. We’ll explore concepts around IAC, ephemeral environments, and how DevOps/lean concepts are driving change into the IT value stream and enabling organizations to up their DevOps game with the container ecosystem.