Webinar | 02.25.20 | 1:00pm EST | DevSecOps in a Dangerous World

Learn How to Thwart Bad Actors and Move from DevOps to DevSecOps

As nimble organizations deliver new innovations, bad actors are upping their games. Leveraging their ability to exploit — and even plant — security vulnerabilities in the software supply chain, they have expanded scale through automation and breach success through precision targeting.

To avoid becoming a statistic, your firm must fight back by doing the same — automating security directly into the DevOps pipeline. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll share these alarming statistics and provide details on how you can avoid becoming one.

Join Saltworks, an Orasi Company, and Sonatype for a 45-minute webinar. Register here:

DevSecOps in a Dangerous World

February 25 at 1pm EST


We’ll discuss how security principles have been automated into a CI/CD pipeline and the standards for implementation that resulted.

In this powerful, no-obligation webinar you’ll learn:

  • Real-world examples of how companies large and small are implementing DevSecOps practices in their delivery pipelines while increasing developer awareness of risks;
  • Key insights from the 2019 DevSecOps community report — including the top investments for automated security;
  • Why DevSecOps is more than a buzzword, and why it’s vital to protecting your software supply chain;
  • How automating policy security makes it harder to ignore.

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Dennis Hurst, Founder & CEO, Saltworks

Mr. Dennis Hurst is a highly respected security expert with unprecedented expertise in the area of application security and the integration of security into all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). His broad experience in security, application development, product management, and IT Operations have given him the knowledge and experience to work with many Fortune 500 companies around the globe implementing successful application security programs.

Mr. Hurst has also been influential in many industry organizations such as the Cloud Security Alliance, the Open Web Application Security Project, and other industry groups. He is a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), where he co-wrote the Application Security section of v1 & v2 of the CSA guidelines.

Maury Cupitt, Director, Pre-Sales – Americas, Sonatype

Maury Cupitt has spent the last 20+ years in enterprise software working with early stage startups and large enterprises to help position the value of their technology and make customers successful. He’s worked at Netscape, AvantGo, Tasktop, CA Technologies and BlueStripe working with customers to solve challenges and advise on strategic solutions. Maury has an entrepreneurial spirit, enjoys wearing many hats and has a passion for making software work better. Outside of software, Maury has worked on Broadway, is a pilot, enjoys amateur radio, tinkers with Raspberry Pis, teaches shooting sports, and loves DIY projects at home.”