Collaboration Tools Don’t Meet Modern Training Needs: Tips for Selecting an Online Learning Platform That Will

Article published in Training Industry Magazine by Karen Spencer, OrasiLabs Product Manager at Orasi Software. Before “COVID” became a household term, the projected estimated market value for online education technology by 2025 was $350 billion. A major portion of that growth was driven by language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools and online learning software. Then came the […]

Train Quickly or Lose Big: Virtual Platforms Are No Longer Optional

Article published in Association for Talent Development by David Hand, VP of DevOps Sales at Orasi Software. Pre-COVID-19, the global software product market was valued at close to $438 billion. The estimated market value for online education technology (by 2025) was roughly $350 billion. Fast forward to our current time in which virtual work is the […]