Orasi Adds New UI, Live Conferencing, Branding and More to OrasiLabs Training Platform

Ease of Use, Collaboration and Scalability Features Advance Virtual Training Options for Corporate Trainers, Software Vendors KENNESAW, GA — SEPT. 22, 2021 — Orasi, a DevSecOps innovator accelerating software application delivery and adoption through automation, announced its virtual training platform, OrasiLabs, has been greatly enhanced with new features and an easy-to-navigate user interface. In addition […]

Collaboration Tools Don’t Meet Modern Training Needs: Tips for Selecting an Online Learning Platform That Will

Article published in Training Industry Magazine by Karen Spencer, OrasiLabs Product Manager at Orasi Software. Before “COVID” became a household term, the projected estimated market value for online education technology by 2025 was $350 billion. A major portion of that growth was driven by language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools and online learning software. Then came the […]

Why Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Failed Virtual Training in 2020

Why zoom

By: Karen Spencer, Area Vice President, OrasiLabs Product Manager COVID-19’s social distancing and remote work mandates sped the increase of virtual training and development adoption. With no indication of a return to prior levels of traditional onsite learning, the market has exponentially grown for effective virtual application training tools. eLearning Evolves with the Times Various […]

Engagement In The Era Of Enterprise ELearning

Article published in CEdMA by Joe Schulz: VP Emerging Technology at Orasi Software.   The number of ways we can learn was on the rise long before the pandemic, but COVID served as a catalyst to speed the adoption of online virtual enterprise training models. As social distancing and remote-work became the foreseeable norm, the value of […]