How to continuously optimize modern cloud native platforms?

Managing cloud costs is a critical component of modern day software delivery. But how do you understand costs, optimize them, and create guardrails – and how do you do that continuously? Harness ran into these same problems building its own platform, and so built their own tool geared towards creating continuous efficiency for engineering and FinOps practitioners. Learn more.

What is a DevOps Culture and Why It Matters?


B: Karl Rubin, COO DevOps was the first paradigm shift that broke the traditional idea of how application development works. It changed a rigid and linear model into an iterative, collaborative, and agile one. Before DevOps arrived, development teams worked in a silo that was insulated – physically and mentally – from operations. Creating and […]

What is Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Deployment (CDE)?

continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment

By: Jim Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO DevOps focuses on the ‘now’. The entire idea of agility and speed hinges on how fast development and operations teams handle code changes without compromising on reliability, performance, delivery schedule, and stability. To balance this challenging juggling act, the DevOps team needs the CI/CD pipeline, i.e. Continuous Integration […]

Getting Ready for Continuous Delivery? Avoid These Mistakes

continuous delivery

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing Enterprises can Mishandle Continuous Delivery in Various Ways. How Can You Avoid them? Scaling Continuous Delivery across the enterprise is critical for a successful DevOps transformation. Aimed at ensuring that you are building functionality that really delivers the expected customer value, continuous delivery reduces cost while improving time-to-market, […]

5 Key Trends Shaping DevOps in 2021

Article published in DevOps Digest by Nick Kavadellas, President and CEO at Orasi Software. When DevOps entered the realm of software development and delivery, it chopped away many inefficiencies at once. By bringing development and operations parts of the software life cycle closer, DevOps has bridged many gaps that existed before. Its impact is clear […]

The Human Side of DevOps: People, Culture and Teamwork


This panel explores what it really means to be a human in DevOps and looks at how to ensure the business understands the need for a supportive and united culture and provides real-world examples of companies and teams that have ‘done DevOps right.’

Orasi wins Partner of the Year 2018 at ChefConf Chicago

ATLANTA — JUNE 1, 2018 — Orasi Software, a quality-focused Atlanta-based software reseller and professional services company, was awarded “Partner of the Year” by Chef at their annual conference, ChefConf 2018, held May 22-25 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Development Practices that Break Applications and Steps to can take

As most organizational leaders recognize at some level, the increasing dominance of web and mobile applications has completely turned the software world on its ear. The number of critical business functions that are processed via a browser or mobile device is escalating, and inaccurate results, aberrant behaviors, and security flaws can all be absurdly costly.