Orasi and Trace3 Partner to Accelerate Cloud Platform Engineering and Enterprise Observability for Dynatrace Customers

KENNESAW, GA. – November 16, 2023 – Orasi Software, a DevSecOps innovator enabling the acceleration, security, delivery, and adoption of software applications and cloud infrastructure through automation, today announced a partnership with Trace3, an IT services and solutions provider, to speed customer integration and use of Dynatrace. A Dynatrace Premier Partner and the first Dynatrace […]

DevOps and Cloud: Driving Environments On Demand and Optimizing Investments

In this webinar, we will examine key elements of DevOps and cloud that help address the new world and optimize the investment. In this session, we will discuss: Accelerating Change – Driving Forces (eg. Change Drivers, Industry Impact); DevOps and Cloud – The Foundation (eg. Continuous Flow, Pipeline, Cloud Services) and more.

Environments-on-Demand: Ephemeral Environments in a Continuous World

The impact of the business need for faster cycles and increasing flexibility is driving DevOps and lean ideas throughout the IT value stream. This has significant meaning for the compute/infrastructure side of the world. We’ll explore the idea of “Environments on Demand” and how it can impact the IT Value Stream.

Orasi Awarded Dynatrace 2022 Cloud Innovation Award

Last month, Dynatrace delivered its annual Amplify Sales Kickoff to partners across the globe! This year’s event took a deep dive into ways partners can grow larger, more differentiated service offerings, accelerate transformation initiatives, and empower speed, agility, and automation at enterprise scale. Digital game-changers were recognized in the Annual Partner Awards for going above […]

Start with a DevOps Strategy to Boost your Productivity


By: Karl Rubin, COO When developers and operations teams are looking in different directions, ultimately Dev and operations will suffer chaos, confusion, time waste, and user dissatisfaction. Fortunately, DevOps proves to be an excellent solution as it aligns Dev and Ops teams on the same wavelength. And imagine what happens when both the crucial teams […]

DevOps Tools: What You Need to Know

DevOps Tools

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing DevOps is a paradigm shift in software development. It depends on enabling collaboration, seamless work, and agility across the organization – at every stage and team level. But it cannot be truly achieved without injecting automation, speed, iterative monitoring, and rapid response.  In order to do that, one […]

Prepare for Your Organization’s DevOps Journey

DevOps Journey

By: Karl Rubin, COO The world has been built on bridges and not on barriers. Anything that separates anything is bound to inject delays, confusion, and conflicts – eventually. That is why DevOps has been such an enormous source of excitement for developers and businesses alike worldwide. It has completely redefined how applications are made, […]

Apply Automation Into Your Software Delivery Process

software delivery, software delivery process, automation

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing In the modern era of digitization and real-time services, businesses need to adapt to a new paradigm of applications. They cannot afford to be stuck in software delivery processes that take a lot of time, entail many defects, and are full of production-level gaps. Businesses need to elevate […]

Ephemeral: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Terry Brennan talk

Automation is increasingly becoming a critical aspect of infrastructure management. The acceleration of the business cycles and increasing need for flexibility is driving DevOps and lean ideas throughout the IT value stream. We will explore how ephemeral “as code” and shifting left are driving change into the IT value stream, accelerating infrastructure automation, and impacting the infrastructure world.

Top 6 Reasons Test Automation Fails & How to Avoid It?

test automation development testing

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing As enterprises enter a new landscape of competitiveness, speed, and customer service, they redefine the way they look at software development and testing. Speed and confidence are now more than nice-to-have factors in software delivery. They are stapled elements if any enterprise wants to survive and win in […]

Eliminate Bottlenecks in Software Delivery

Eliminate Bottlenecks - Orasi

If you’re like most enterprises, your DevOps teams are still performing manual work when it comes to test data delivery and managing database schema changes. Bogged down by these inefficient and error-prone legacy processes, release cycle times remain painfully slow even though the rest of your CI/CD toolchain is automated. We hear you.

5 Key Trends Shaping DevOps in 2021

Article published in DevOps Digest by Nick Kavadellas, President and CEO at Orasi Software. When DevOps entered the realm of software development and delivery, it chopped away many inefficiencies at once. By bringing development and operations parts of the software life cycle closer, DevOps has bridged many gaps that existed before. Its impact is clear […]