Orasi Software Announces New Domestic Sourcing Facility

ATLANTA, GA – March 11, 2008 – Orasi Software, a software reseller and professional services company, today announced the opening of a domestic sourcing facility in Greensboro, NC. This location will focus on providing consulting, training, and quality assurance (QA) services to Fortune 1000 companies as an alternative to offshoring and nearshoring.

What is domestic sourcing?
Domestic sourcing provides companies with a US-based workforce, giving them the ability to outsource QA work while keeping business running more smoothly. The goal of domestic sourcing is to operate in rural locations, therefore lowering the cost of doing business and enabling Orasi to provide quality services performed by experienced consultants at a competitive price.

“For years, companies have been outsourcing QA functions to offshore firms. Yet they have found that managing a workforce thousands of miles and numerous time zones away can be more challenging and expensive than expected. Security concerns, exchange rates, and even negative public opinion about offshoring have many companies looking for new options,” said Chris DiTota, VP of Professional Services for Orasi. “We opened this office in response to our customers’ need for a more cost-effective and productive outsourcing solution.”

Domestic sourcing minimizes the time differences between a company and the QA team, enabling higher productivity. It also eliminates cultural and language barriers, improving communication between teams. In addition, domestic sourcing ensures that the company and the QA team use the same holiday calendar. Offshore firms often use a different holiday calendar, which can result in up to 36 lost days of work. Turnover is another problem with the offshore model, resulting in lost time due to retraining. This loss in productivity, up to 50% for some companies, negates the rate differential between domestic and offshore models.

Why Greensboro?
In addition to a lower cost of business, Greensboro boasts over a dozen colleges and universities within a 100 mile radius, and more than 40 colleges, universities, and technical colleges within a 200 mile radius. Greensboro also has a local airport, allowing for easy, convenient travel without the need for a passport, exorbitant travel costs, or hours of travel time.

“With a total of more than 150,000 students and recent graduates in the area, Orasi will be able to select and train the best and brightest individuals to staff the facility,” said Kimberley Humphrey, QA Director and head of the facility. “Whether our customers need short-term consulting, long-term QA resources, training, or domestic sourcing, we can meet their needs with highly-trained, professional resources led by experienced senior consultants.”

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