Delphix Consulting Services Offerings to Include SAP; Support for New Delphix 5.0 Platform

Kennesaw, GA – June 15, 2016 — Orasi Software, an Atlanta-based software quality reseller and professional services company, today announced a comprehensive Delphix services offering specifically for enterprise software teams engaged with SAP. Consulting and assistance is available not only for organization-wide deployment and adoption of Delphix data virtualization software but also for user training and platform migration, including SAP HANA® and SAP ASE migration.

“Delphix and Orasi have developed a strong partnership that enables mutual customers to transform their businesses for today’s digital, data-centric world,” said Mark Boullie, vice president, Americas Sales, Delphix. “We’re excited about Orasi’s expanded SAP services offerings and support for the new Delphix 5.0 platform, which will broaden our opportunity to help customers solve complex challenges that can accelerate their success.”

Orasi has already helped a long list of companies, from global financial enterprises to national healthcare services organizations, deploy and master Delphix software to mask, virtualize and distribute consistent, high-quality data across multiple testing groups and projects.

“For the large organizations that use and develop for SAP, Delphix holds particular appeal for its ability to accelerate the SAP lifecycle,” said Orasi Software President and CEO Nick Kavadellas. “With Orasi’s assistance, these enterprises can extract even greater value from their Delphix investments while increasing application release speed by as much 1,000 percent.”

Key benefits for SAP enterprises implementing Delphix for their SAP efforts include:

  • Eliminate 50% to 75% of SAP system refresh time
  • Refresh databases of any size (often 10+ TB) in minutes
  • Enable near-instant “rewind” of QA and training databases for dramatically shorter cycle times
  • Eliminate 90% of data storage requirements through SAP system data virtualization
  • Support for Delphix 5.0

With the recent release of Delphix 5.0, SAP customers—and all enterprise customers—will enjoy even greater benefits. The platform’s data-masking feature incorporates a new capability, Selective Data Distribution, that masks sensitive data in a production zone and then replicates the masked data directly to all non-production target environments. This enhancement will foster greater agility and security while protecting sensitive data and reducing organizational exposure to liability.

“Given that up to 90% of the risk in a data breach comes from non-production data, seamlessly securing sensitive data across the entire application development lifecycle is critical, and that need only increases among large organizations that are lucrative targets for hackers,” said Kavadellas. “This upgrade will hugely benefit existing Delphix customers, and it will also attract a new customer base that will need help mastering the platform. Orasi will be ready to work alongside both existing and new customers, every step of the way.”

About Delphix
Delphix is the market leader in data virtualization, helping organizations release applications up to 10x faster by delivering secure, virtualized data across the application lifecycle. More than 30 percent of the Global 500 use Delphix software to deliver data across development, testing and reporting environments, improving developer productivity and data security on premises or in the cloud. Delphix is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with offices around the world, and can be found online at

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