Orasi Creates Job Training Opportunities in Atlanta

KENNESAW, GA – August 26, 2013 – Orasi Software, a leading software testing services provider, formally announced today that it is running a boot camp for new Quality Assurance Resources in Atlanta the last week of August. Select finalists will be hired at the end of the 5-day training period; they will then be trained further on the technologies Orasi uses and assigned to projects.

“I can read a resume or do an interview, but nothing reveals a candidate’s ability to be successful at what we do, nothing works better than these boot camps, to show character under pressure,” said Bill Hayden, VP Resource Enablement at Orasi. “This is a 5 day technical interview where they are under a microscope every day.”

Since 2010, these boot camps are the primary means of hiring entry-level resources in Orasi’s Atlanta office. The candidates come from career fairs at local universities, where Orasi attends and promotes the opportunity, and referrals from current employees. Orasi then offers them a complimentary 5-day training boot camp; those without a technical background have equal opportunity to excel.

“The classes are set up as an evaluation mechanism, as much as an educational one,” said Hayden. “We’ve had all kinds of people be great candidates: restaurant managers, assisted living managers, AM radio hosts – they came to the boot camp, showed exceptional work ethic, and the ability to succeed and learn under pressure.”

The instructor takes 2.5 weeks of what Orasi normally teaches a customer on specific HP topics and condenses the information into an intense 3.5 day training period. The boot camp begins with a half day intro, 3.5 days of training, and a final day is a test to see how well students retain the data and demonstrate their organizational skills. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming boot camp, contact Bill Hayden directly at bill.hayden@orasi.com.

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