Orasi Becomes SAP Channel Partner

KENNESAW, GA – September 4, 2013 – Orasi Software, a leading software testing services provider, announced today that it has broadened its offerings by becoming an SAP channel partner. Previously an SAP services partner, Orasi now will provide software licensing as an SAP channel partner, in addition to implementation services, training and documentation, staffing and optimization and support.

Over the past several years, Orasi has specialized in lifecycle management, assisting customers with quality assurance and control during the design, implementation and support phases of their SAP® solutions. Orasi’s professional services offerings help customers deploy and use the full range of application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions from SAP and can be used in any combination needed to ensure a company’s success. Now as a result of the new agreement with SAP, Orasi can also sell SAP Business All-in-One solutions and SAP database and technology solutions, in addition to supporting their interoperation with third-party solutions. Orasi can help customers with solution strategy while assisting with implementation and support.

“We are excited to enhance our relationship with SAP because of what it means for our customers,” said Chad Miller, VP for SAP solutions at Orasi. “Orasi can now fulfill all solution needs, including delivering software, implementation services and support.”

Orasi, as an HP Specialist Enhanced partner, has extensive experience with HP’s quality management tools, including its ALM framework for SAP solutions, which affords Orasi broad-spectrum insight and experience. As a long-term HP testing partner, Orasi fully supports and understands all aspects of the integration between HP ALM solutions and ALM software from SAP. Orasi helps customers acquire knowledge and use it to achieve the quality results that produce excellence—and delighted end users.

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