Strategic Roadmap Development

The DevOps journey from manual delivery to a highly automated, integrated, continuous pipeline is a demanding endeavor. It is common for companies to have differing approaches to each pipeline, most of which have evolved over time. The concept of potentially negatively impacting existing production flows, as well as the cost associated with making improvements, often result in leadership and software teams being hesitant to change. Yet, adhering to legacy approaches and outdated mindsets will eventually lead to software failure.


As with many complex undertakings, having a fully developed strategic plan inspires confidence at all levels.

It gives teams reassurance that the road is going somewhere and their efforts will eventually pay off. To assist with this effort, Orasi has developed an entire ecosystem around strategy and roadmap development.

Whether your challenge is focused on the full continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) scope, or a subset of the pipeline such as infrastructure-as-code or container guidance, our Orasi GPS Strategy Services allow us to quickly Locate and assess where you are, Recalculate where you want to go to achieve continuous flow, and define a step-by-step plan to Navigate you back on track and avoid roadblocks.

Addressing necessary changes to people, processes and technologies, our strategic guidance is more than a static map. Like a GPS navigation system, it incorporates “route markers” to prevent firms from veering off course and guidance to bring them back to the road if they do. These “breadcrumbs” also help teams benchmark how far they have traveled in their journey.

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DevOps excellence doesn’t have to be elusive, but it does require a clear vision and strategy to achieve it, along with a carefully scoped plan for addressing changes to people, processes and technology. Most importantly, it involves a mechanism for staying on course and reaching the destination as efficiently as possible.

Orasi’s GPS Strategy Services lead the way.

Quickly locate and assess your progress to DevOps maturity, recalculate the path to meet continuous flow objectives, and navigate around roadblocks and back on track.

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