DataOps: Managing Data & Delivery

In the world of DevOps and continuous delivery, speed is key. But it’s not enough for an organization to just develop an application quickly; they also need to deploy that app rapidly and efficiently. Gone are the days when organizations could afford time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone manual work. Today, they need automation around basic functions that drive the software pipeline.

Continuous Testing

What is DataOps and how can it speed delivery of an application?

Orasi defines DataOps as a collaborative practice by which organizations can align people, processes and technology to efficiently manage data and delivery functions within a DevOps environment.

DataOps encompasses provisioning data for development and test teams; validating and deploying database changes; and delivering and deploying the application.

An effective DataOps strategy standardizes and automates software delivery, ensuring a consistent, repeatable, and predictable process. It comprises the entire software stack and addresses all the core parts of the enterprise DevOps process, from the application layer to the database and data layers.

Orasi supports your DevOps team in planning, designing and executing a comprehensive DataOps strategy and helps you align your efforts across your DevOps pipeline. We also provide a scalable solution to orchestrate the software release process from development to production.

Orasi Knows DataOps.

A key part of the DevOps cycle, DataOps provides the tools needed to manage data and delivery functions effectively. Orasi can help you implement a sound DataOps strategy so you can deliver quality applications quickly and predictably.  

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