Continuous Testing: the Next DevOps Frontier

Ensuring quality is not a simple task. Testing has traditionally been at the end of the development cycle and often short-changed on time due to overruns earlier in the lifecycle. Even as Agile has driven changes in the delivery process, testing is often still at the end and limited. Additional complexity is added as we find more and more types of tests to perform. And, to make matters more challenging, the expectation for accelerated frequency of releases has pushed testing to be executed many more times than in the past, rendering manual test steps almost unsustainable.

Continuous Testing

DevOps capabilities are enabling continuous testing.

DevOps is changing when, how, and how often testing can be done. The ability to dynamically provision a broad variety of environments instantaneously and quickly establish data environments to support various test types is enabling a true “shift left” refactoring of the test process to move towards a continuous testing footing.

Imagine a testing world that doesn’t follow a serial pipeline flow but can spin up and begin execution of multiple test types—such as regression, functional tests, security and performance—concurrently. It requires looking at the people, processes, and technology that support your testing and moving testing as early as is reasonable to allow dev to “fail faster.”

As DevOps has changed the game, the emphasis on automation has increased. In order to meet the faster cycle times while maintaining confidence in quality, test automation has become critical. Each type of testing should be examined for potential automation that can be executed with each continuous testing cycle.

Shift-Left requires refactored testing processes, ephemeral environments, dynamic data management, service virtualization, expanded monitoring at each development stage, a multitude of test automation solutions and pipeline integration and orchestration.

Let Orasi drive your Continuous Testing journey.

Orasi has been a recognized leader in QA expertise for decades. Over the past few years, we have become a trusted partner and industry-leading driver of broader DevOps solutions. Who better to guide you on your journey to industry best-practice Continuous Testing capabilities?

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