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Spring 2019 DevOps Shows Proved Most Engaging Yet – And We’re Just Getting Started

The last year has been an exciting one for Orasi, as we developed and debuted a comprehensive palette of solutions and services around streamlining software delivery — and the DevOps pipeline in particular. This spring, we had the opportunity to share the many insights we gleaned during our research and exploration in this area, beginning with Micro Focus Universe in Vienna and culminating with the ADM Summit in Chicago.

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Achieving Full Value in the Software Lifecycle

In the software world, user expectations are off the charts. Driven at least partly by cutthroat competition among mobile devices and apps, users expect application updates for all systems to occur in near real-time, and they won’t tolerate outages or defects. Furthermore, enterprise software increasingly must run on mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets.

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Setting IP Spoofing with HPE LoadRunner and HPE Performance Center

IP spoofing is the solution when performance testing requires multiple virtual users to use multiple IP addresses from a single host machine (load generator) to keep the web server from blocking those virtual users. Also IP spoofing is needed when the hardware configuration under test balances load across a “farm” of several (web or database) servers. IP spoofing enables each load generator to “spoof” the server into thinking it is using many different IP addresses.

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