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How to Stop Failing at DevOps

Although more than 60% of organizations have adopted DevOps at some level, according to Forrester, many continue to struggle with it. One reason: DevOps isn’t a hard-coded set of practices or principles, and this often leads to confusion and uncertainty, from the IT trenches all the way up to the C-suite.

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Optimizing Value Stream with Orasi

Even as DevOps reaches a pinnacle in acceptance (as of 2018, only three percent of firms had not adopted DevOps and had no plans to do so), many organizations are still struggling to get high-quality software out the door. DevOps has been promoted by many experts and consultants as a solution to the cumbersome inefficiencies that were common with waterfall methods.

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What’s Wrong with Your Value Stream Mapping

Over the last few decades, DevOps and agile have reached a noteworthy level of recognition: Some 80% of firms have adopted the principles of one or both at some level.
This success has been driven, at least in part, by leadership that has viewed these approaches as the silver bullet that would produce more efficient, less defect-prone software, enabling the firms to deliver greater value to internal and external users more quickly.

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