Need to move to the cloud? Yeah, who doesn’t!

By: Joe Schulz, VP Emerging Technology DevSecOps, getting an application from development to operations in a secure manner, includes many tools and techniques that lean heavily on automation to achieve efficiency. Add in the challenge every company is facing – deciding on a platform to get infrastructure to the cloud so applications can be delivered […]

Orasi and Dynatrace Collaborate to Deliver Tangible Customer Outcomes

By: Todd Williams, AVP, Sales – APM & Observability The ability to handle rapid change and manage requirements is essential to staying afloat in today’s digital evolving AppDev marketplace. Organizations strive to gain competitive advantages by mitigating the risk of disruption, and embracing cloud platforms, technologies, and software to deliver digital products and services. DevOps-based […]

Cloud Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

By: Karen Spencer, Area Vice President, OrasiLabs Product Manager Bigger isn’t better when it comes to virtual training success Transitioning to the cloud can be complicated and adding virtual application training capabilities for a globally dispersed workforce can send any IT team into a tailspin. While it’s tempting to try and use an existing AWS, […]

Orasi Awarded Dynatrace 2022 Cloud Innovation Award

Last month, Dynatrace delivered its annual Amplify Sales Kickoff to partners across the globe! This year’s event took a deep dive into ways partners can grow larger, more differentiated service offerings, accelerate transformation initiatives, and empower speed, agility, and automation at enterprise scale. Digital game-changers were recognized in the Annual Partner Awards for going above […]

Next Gen DevOps: Are You Making the Cut?

By: Karl Rubin, COO DevOps is a disruptive approach that breaks traditional software development mindset and culture. It is the major force to bring in core-level agility and speed in the application development life cycle. This happens as the rigid siloes between development and operations functions of software development are dissolved. It is a new […]

Change Failure Rate: What You Need to Know

Change failure rate

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Marketing and Sales If you release changes to production or release to users, a certain percentage here can go into the ‘failed’ basket or in the ‘degraded service’ bucket. Now, that can tell you a lot about ‘change failure rate.’ The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the U.S.: A 2020 […]

Understanding the DevOps Process Flow

Devops process

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing In today’s digital era, simply choosing a new technology paradigm will not solve the deep-rooted structural and cultural clogs plaguing an organization’s software game. However, with DevOps, you can move toward the path of delivering true business value to the bottom line. Though, you must be able to […]

The Role of Deployment Time in DevOps Metrics

Devops Metric

By: Karl Rubin, COO Collaboration is a catalyst for speed. So, no matter how well once-miles-apart teams, like Dev and Ops, come together, the actual value of this collaboration is seen only when it culminates in the enhanced pace of application launch. When communication gets faster, automated, and streamlined, it is only natural that the […]