DevSecOps and Virtual Training Platforms Top 2022 Software Agendas

Article published in VM Blog by Jim Azar, Orasi Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer. In 2022, the reasons why we’ve been thrust into an age of remote work, virtual training and hybrid cloud environments will be buried on page-two. Above the page-one fold will remain a shortlist of required factors that’ll ensure software development success: (1) […]

Kell football booster, tech CEO stays busy in youth sports

Article published in East Cobb News. The annual Corky Kell Classic kicked off Thursday and high school football teams from near and far and battling it out on the gridiron. Kell High School faces McEachern at 9 a.m. Saturday. Nick Kavadellas, president and CEO of Orasi, a software security innovator, has been involved in the Kell event and foundation […]

The Pace of Change Requires Better Testing

Article published in by Jim Azar, Orasi Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 created a pressing need to give people additional ways to do their jobs and handle the tasks of day-to-day life via mobile devices and forced the growth of app innovation at a never-before-seen rate. Thanks to […]

The DevSecOps realities app dev teams must accept

Article published in TechBeacon by Dennis Hurst, President and Founder of Saltworks Security – Orasi’s joint-venture. Application security is an essential component of your application development and secure DevOps practices. It involves assessing, monitoring, finding, fixing, and enhancing the overall security and integrity of applications and covers a range of technical elements (hardware, network misconfigurations, software flaws, consistent […]

Collaboration Tools Don’t Meet Modern Training Needs: Tips for Selecting an Online Learning Platform That Will

Article published in Training Industry Magazine by Karen Spencer, OrasiLabs Product Manager at Orasi Software. Before “COVID” became a household term, the projected estimated market value for online education technology by 2025 was $350 billion. A major portion of that growth was driven by language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools and online learning software. Then came the […]

Here are all the winners of AJC’s 2021 Top Workplaces awards

For the 2021 Top Workplaces rankings, 3,268 companies were nominated or asked to participate after metro Atlanta employees responded to print and online solicitations that began appearing in August. For the past 11 years, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and its partner, Philadelphia-based Energage, have surveyed Greater Atlanta employees to determine the area’s top workplaces. Energage, an […]

Saltworks partners with Secure Code Warrior on secure coding for DevOps

Article published in Help Net Security.  Saltworks announced a partnership with Secure Code Warrior to elevate the importance and accessibility of secure code education and skills development. By helping developers write secure code from the start, development teams can ship quality code faster, avoiding errors and reducing risks, and increase skills adoption. The partnership aligns with Saltworks’ strategy to […]

Train Quickly or Lose Big: Virtual Platforms Are No Longer Optional

Article published in Association for Talent Development by David Hand, VP of DevOps Sales at Orasi Software. Pre-COVID-19, the global software product market was valued at close to $438 billion. The estimated market value for online education technology (by 2025) was roughly $350 billion. Fast forward to our current time in which virtual work is the […]

5 Key Trends Shaping DevOps in 2021

Article published in DevOps Digest by Nick Kavadellas, President and CEO at Orasi Software. When DevOps entered the realm of software development and delivery, it chopped away many inefficiencies at once. By bringing development and operations parts of the software life cycle closer, DevOps has bridged many gaps that existed before. Its impact is clear […]

Engagement In The Era Of Enterprise ELearning

Article published in CEdMA by Joe Schulz: VP Emerging Technology at Orasi Software.   The number of ways we can learn was on the rise long before the pandemic, but COVID served as a catalyst to speed the adoption of online virtual enterprise training models. As social distancing and remote-work became the foreseeable norm, the value of […]

Best Practices for Application Performance Testing

Article published in by Alex Weiss, Senior Solution Architect at Orasi Software. When done properly, software application performance testing determines if a system meets certain acceptable criteria for both responsiveness and robustness. Before you jump in to testing though. there are some best practices to remember. Start by defining test plans that include load testing, […]

Training Tips to Make Virtual 2021 Sales Kickoffs a Success

Article published in Association for Talent Development (ATD) by Joe Schulz, VP Emerging Technology at Orasi Software. This year saw sales kickoffs move from convention centers to home offices and shift from conference tables to kitchen islads. The impact of this sudden change was felt across all sectors of industry, but as those in sales […]