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With OrasiLabs, you bypass all that hassle by creating inexpensive, hands-on training environments in the cloud.

What is OrasiLabs?


OrasiLabs is a new concept in software training. For most people, the hardest part of delivering a software training class is building and deploying the student machines for hands-on practice.

Achieving Continuous Delivery ROI in 30 days

Achieving continuous

While many areas of the DevOps landscape have matured over the past decade, such as CI, IAC and Testing, the approach to CD has been predominantly addressed in a tactical patchwork method by extending surrounding CI tools to drive CD workflow.

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Orasi covid announcement

By: Nick Kavadellas, President and CEO We are all affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic and learning new ways to navigate this novel time. Orasi Software’s priorities remain the health and safety of our families, employees and colleagues, as well as ensuring continued outstanding service to customers. As Orasi supports the CDC’s social distancing and […]