Next Gen DevOps: Are You Making the Cut?

By: Karl Rubin, COO DevOps is a disruptive approach that breaks traditional software development mindset and culture. It is the major force to bring in core-level agility and speed in the application development life cycle. This happens as the rigid siloes between development and operations functions of software development are dissolved. It is a new […]

Change Failure Rate: What You Need to Know

Change failure rate

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Marketing and Sales If you release changes to production or release to users, a certain percentage here can go into the ‘failed’ basket or in the ‘degraded service’ bucket. Now, that can tell you a lot about ‘change failure rate.’ The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the U.S.: A 2020 […]

Accelerating Cycles for Cloud Infrastructure


The Cloud is accelerating and changing how we think of infrastructure and environments. The acceleration of the business cycles and increasing need for flexibility is driving DevOps and lean ideas throughout the IT value stream. This has significant meaning for cloud infrastructure.