Essential Elements of Modern Application Development

App Dev

By: Karl Rubin, COO Much has changed between the applications of yesterday and the ones we build and use today. If earlier applications were monolithic, had long development cycles, and maintenance-intensive, today’s applications are built on an agile framework, interactive, and easy to modify. An agile framework is a fundamental need for enterprises because they […]

Ephemeral: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Automation is increasingly becoming a critical aspect of infrastructure management. The acceleration of the business cycles and increasing need for flexibility is driving DevOps and lean ideas throughout the IT value stream. We will explore how ephemeral “as code” and shifting left are driving change into the IT value stream, accelerating infrastructure automation, and impacting the infrastructure world.

Top Myths Associated with Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing Cloud is a significant lever in the digital transformation re-engineering of any enterprise. Many companies, big and small, can become agile and competitive through the flexibility, scalability, and pay-as-you-go affordability of a cloud model. Deloitte has reported in its recent tracking of cloud spends that growth in this […]

What is a DevOps Culture and Why It Matters?


B: Karl Rubin, COO DevOps was the first paradigm shift that broke the traditional idea of how application development works. It changed a rigid and linear model into an iterative, collaborative, and agile one. Before DevOps arrived, development teams worked in a silo that was insulated – physically and mentally – from operations. Creating and […]

Key Application Security Trends for 2021

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By: Jim Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO As the Internet of Things (IoT), low-latency applications, open-source software, and low-code applications become more mainstream – the application security challenges grow larger. We share how to get in front of these challenges and what to watch out for in 2021. 1. Software vulnerabilities: According to Forrester’s Annual […]

Orasi Awarded Dynatrace 2020 Partner of the Year

KENNESAW, GA – June 2021 – Last month, Dynatrace brought its annual Partner Summit, Amplify, to the comfort of homes globally! The virtual event inspired partners with keynotes and several informative breakout sessions. At the conclusion of the event, Dynatrace turned its attention to recognizing and celebrating outstanding partners in NORAM. Orasi is proud to have been […]

What are the Biggest Cloud Computing Security Threats?

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By: Mark Lewis, SVP Sales and Marketing Cloud computing adoption has significantly increased across industries. From small to large, from IT to automotive, organizations are embracing the cost advantages and agility of cloud computing. However, there is an increase in the rate and creativity in which vulnerabilities inherent in cloud computing environments are being exploited. […]